10 Surprising Facebook Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Facebook has a sizeable audience. It sees over two billion active users per month and
over a billion active users a day. For business, there are very few megaphones as big,
or as convenient, which can be used to promote your company. That said, there are still
quite a few small businesses that aren’t using Facebook to help grow their business as
part of their marketing strategy. Despite the rising cost of Facebook ads and the decline
of organic reach, there’s still a tremendous amount of value that small businesses can
leverage via Facebook.
It’s a small margin of people who seek out your page to interact with it on Facebook.
Most of those who do probably come from your current customer base or from the
Facebook plug-in on your website. So most of your activity that people see is actually
what ends up on their news feeds. Focus on optimizing that presence and that category
of opportunities for visibility and you’ll get the most of Facebook. As a small business
your budget for marketing may not stand to compete with that of larger companies, but
the good news is that there are effective and budget-friendly strategies that you can
With the right social media management tool and ideas, you can make an impact on

1. Kill it with your cover photo

In the event that people do land on your Facebook company page through links,
redirects or piqued interest from one of your great posts, you have got to be ready! This
is your one chance to make followers out of them and you’d be smart to use it well.
Your cover photo is prime property for 3 reasons:
 It’s the first thing that people see, a visual is one of the best marketing tools you
can have, and it’s free.
 So tell a story with it, make it intriguing, and create it so your viewers go “WOW”.
 Also, one of Facebook’s features is showcasing cover photo updates on
timelines of friends of fans. So if someone were to become your fan, your

company’s profile picture and cover photo would be displayed on that new fan’s
friends’ timelines.
Boom! You’ve got instant, free, visibility. And it’s an image. According to a study visuals
get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-through.
Try and connect your Unique Selling Point, your brand’s services, or your story to that
cover photo. People love stories, and people love pictures.

2. Get Your Money’s Worth From Your Profile

It all starts with your profile. Much like your business website, users can tell when you
haven’t put any thought or effort into things. The difference is, you don’t have to be a
web developer to fix this problem. Just make sure you fill out your profile as completely
as possible. List your business hours, phone number, and complete address. Use a
description that makes the most of your allotted 154 characters. Your customers go to
your page looking for information; give it to them.
Additionally, include pertinent photos: menus, products, location, anything people would
need to see to decide to use your business. And make sure your cover photo is
something eye-catching and impressive. A cover photo that doesn’t excite isn’t doing
you any favors. Get your profile cleaned up and presentable, just like you would with
your place of business.

3. Go Live

The beauty about live streaming on Facebook and other platforms like Periscope,
Meerkat and Hangouts, is that is comes so close to actual face-to- face interactions. If
you want to connect with your fans, Facebook Live can drive real results.
When planning a live broadcast, choose a focus in advance. Choose your title carefully,
because it’s what people will see as a notification when you’re live.
Pick a device with great audio setup – mic, so your fans can hear you clearly. Always
end with a call-to action, like Shop Now, Learn More or Sign Up.

There are plenty of ways you can engage your audience using live video. You could:
 Create a behind the scenes adventure, and take your fans to an exciting place to
discover together. This could be your office, store or an exploring-worthy place
related to your brand.
 Broadcast a Q&A session, answering questions that concern your fans most.
 Plan a How-To video, with insightful advice to further your fans’ goals.

4. Use Reviews

There are a number of reasons you want to turn on Facebook page reviews. First of all,
customer reviews give you a chance to measure your performance. If you notice a lot of
negative reviews, then you know you need to up your game, and those reviews are
usually specific enough to tell you how. Take that feedback (which is free), and put it to
good use refining your performance, and improving customer experience.
When the customer reviews are positive, it’s free advertising. People will see the
positive reviews and will be more inclined to trust your business. Customer reviews play
a big part in buying decisions these days, and you can bet a good rating will be good for
In either case (especially when there’s negative feedback), you need to be responding
to reviews. Perhaps not all of them but certainly the negative ones. Seek to resolve the
customer’s issue, and change their opinion of your company. Even if they are
unreasonable, and refuse to rescind their original statements, more level-headed users
will see your attempts at reconciliation, and take it as proof that you care about the
needs and feelings of customers.
So turn on reviews, keep an eye on them, and respond promptly to concerns.

5. Show, Don’t Tell

Visual content (including photos, images, and videos) is 40 times more likely to get
shared than non-visual content. If you want to increase engagement, spread your
message further, and maximize your leads, you need to be adding visuals to the quality
content that you post. These visuals could include infographics, photos of events, and

so on. When choosing images to share on your page, make sure the visuals you are
using are professional and build your brand reputation.

6. Be a friend, and a good one

A lot of social media marketers have spoken about the power of humanizing marketing.
It isn’t just enough to have a company page on Facebook, an interesting way of meeting
your target audience is by interacting with them like their friends would. This also opens
the social media platform up for so much more interaction with your audience than you
can do by maintaining a purely official front. People on Facebook interact with more
people than brands and humanizing your brand is one of the best ways to connect with
your audience.
Reach out to your fans occasionally with no agenda in mind. A simple “Hi there! We’re
just writing to check on you. Is the product treating you okay?” Or “Hi! Here’s an
inspiring write up that we thought would really brighten your day,” could do wonders.
Giving away value without expecting anything in return is part of how you build lasting
relationship with customers. It is really hard to be promotional all the time and still have
people like you. Do you like the guy who’s always talking about himself and who
approaches you only when he needs something?
Also, encourage your marketing team to read every comment and reply ASAP,
comprehensively and with warmth. It is also a good idea to have them sign off each of
the replies with their first names.
One of the best ways to humanize your brand is to post with faces once in a while – like
your team’s or your customers’.
Do you know any questions related to your industry that your audience might have at
this very moment?
These are gold. If you’ve let these go, you’ve lost valuable social capital. If your posts
could be direct answers to any of these questions, you’re being very useful to your
audience, and they are more likely to stick with you for a long while.

7. Get your customers to do the talking

Ever looked closely at a successful social media brand page? It has tons of
engagement and conversations initiate from both sides – the brands and the
One great way of getting your audience to communicate with you is handling customer
service via social media. By the way, there are more reasons for you to do that social
media is quick and you can quick fix issues here before they blow up, and there are
people voicing their grievances about products on social media anyway, so best get
ahead of it and be there with a page dedicated to customer service.
The best part about using social media for customer service however is this – Your
audience will tell you exactly what they think about the product. What they like, don’t like
and what they wish you had. This again, is gold. How you use this information is up to
you, but there is tremendous value in it.
Yet another great way of getting your audience to talk to you is through contents and
questions. Do quick, cool contests – quizzes, captioning contests, tweeting contests;
Don’t let your imagination limit you. Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas from the rock-stars.
Give away exciting prizes – they needn’t be big, or expensive. You could give a
discount on a product. Ask them to vote for a favorite design and give discounts on the
design that gets most votes.
Ask your audience what they like, get them involved in planning your events, ask them
for opinions, everyone loves feeling like a part of something bigger.
Lastly, do story swaps. Share your stories what happens behind your business front,
celebrate your milestones with your audience. Humanize yourself. And encourage them
to share their stories. A great story surrounding your product/service is definitely one of
the most powerful ways to market it. If it goes with a great image of a happy customer
with your product in a picture, is even better.

8. Put yourself on Facebook’s maps

Facebook uses a Google API that lets you mark yourself at places you’ve visited. You
know this one, yes, it’s the “Check-in”. You’ve probably used it many times yourself, but
you may not have considered what this can do for your business.

If your business is mainly local, this feature becomes especially useful. Each time a
customer “checks-in”, their timelines displays the both the check-in and a link to your
Facebook brand page. The check-in feature, by the way, works only for businesses
listed under the ‘Local Business or Place’ category.
You could encourage customers to do this with discounts or points for checking in each
time they visit. If your customers have an average of 500 friends on Facebook and at
least half of them are locals, you have instant and targeted visibility for your brand!
Plus, people trust people and many times behavior of people is influenced by behavior
of other people, especially friends. Check-ins are effective for this very reason, they
encourage friends of friends to visit your store.

9. Go visual and get it right

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. Images also have the
ability to influence human emotions. With the 6 second window you have to capture
your audience’s attention on social, you have to bring the big guns. Do it with stunning
Visual content can be really fun. This is has been reiterated by every social media
marketer on the internet. But what hasn’t been impressed upon is the need to hit that
idea on the nail. The visuals you share have to be pleasing, interesting and varied.
There is such a thing as a boring image. There is also such a thing as a sloppy image.
You can pull in stills, collages, graphs, infographics, gifs, comics, videos, anything you
think best represents your topic of discussion visually and tonally. This could help you
stay new with images. Although, if you find one particular format to work better than
images – say quote overlays for example, do more of that than the others. Quotes are
also very easy to make.
Are you worried about the challenges in creating great images? Put that fear aside and
get cracking with tools that can help you do that. There are quite few good ones that are
heavily graphic oriented. Using simple buttons and borrowing from already existing
libraries, you can effortlessly create your images.

If you still can’t afford to waste time doing that, you could always curate images as long
as you provide proper credit to the creators and a link to the original image.
It is very important to be sure of the availability of the image you’re curating. You can
only use it if it is intended for sharing, or if it is under the Creative Commons license.
There are image libraries online that are present solely to help you find images to fit
your requirements. Some good ones with free images listed are – Pixabay and Freepik.
Again, always remember to give credit to whoever has created the images, whether
they ask for it or not.

10. Tell stories

Facebook now has its very own version of expiring content which is referred to as
Facebook Stories (via Instagram). This feature is great for brands that want to keep in
touch with their audience every day, without seeming promotional or annoying. Stories
are that unique feature that can help you build a bond with your audience and stay “top
of mind”.
There’s much that a social media manager can do with Facebook stories, from sharing
behind-the- scenes content to demonstrating expertise, and sharing UGC (User
Generated Content), exclusive offers or even light-hearted jokes and memes.
Some brands even use Stories for audience research, through which they ask their
audience questions to which they want instant answers. Through Stories, even the most
brand-focused questions are forgiven or met with enthusiastically by fans.
Finally, Facebook Stories is excellent for time-sensitive content, so you can use them to
run everyday offers, share season’s greetings or conduct daily communication.
That wraps up 10 surprising marketing tips that you can implement to take your
Facebook marketing up one notch. Remember to keep your audience in mind when
trying any of these ideas; after all it is them who you’re looking to captivate. If you ever
have trouble deciding what you should post, just think like a consumer and share what
you’d want to see.