Product 3d Rendering For Furniture Catalogs : 5 Ways To Turn Your Design Into A Star

Furniture companies who want to present their products in a catalog that will appeal to customers have traditionally been restricted to carrying out lengthy and often costly photography shoots in an attempt to get the perfect images. Now, 3D rendering could make such tedious activities a thing of the past. Instead of creating models of every piece of furniture that needs to be displayed, furniture companies can now use the services of a 3D rendering company to create computer-generated images of their products.

Product 3D rendering is used primarily for marketing purposes. It’s possible to produce masterpieces from mediocre ideas, and fail even the best designs. This begs the question – what makes or breaks product visualization success? Well, there is a handful of ways you can utilize high-quality 3D images, and we’ll be happy to share. Here are 5 ways of getting the most out of Arc Studio from a rendering company!

1. 3D Rendering as a Cheaper Alternative to Photography:

You have probably used high-quality photography before, and are aware of its pros and cons. Modern 3D rendering software, as was mentioned before, is capable of creating photorealistic images. Not just that, but it can be done much faster and, most importantly, cheaper. So if photoshoots really bite your wallet, remember : only a specialist can distinguish between furniture photography and product rendering, and that specialist would probably be Arc's creator!

2. You fully benefit from situational marketing

How often do you need marketing materials for the same models, but in different settings? With Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving theme? Probably quite often. Then you know that with photography, one has to buy lots of decor. Which is sad, because these items are used only once anyway. In contrast, 3D product rendering requires nothing of the sort. For a professional 3D visualization company would always provide you with a library of decor.

3. You easily show various color and material solutions for the same model

Sometimes it’s just too much trouble getting visuals for furniture in various colors. Packing them, then sending God knows where…So Manufacturers adopt a classic solutions: they get 1 picture and simply display samples of materials above.

There’s no need to settle for less with 3D Product Rendering. To get all variations of your table – with orange, black and green tops – you just need 1 3D model.

4. You show a special point of view on the product

While good photography can produce good materials, professional 3D product rendering services can create outstanding ones. That’s because 3D Artists use an immensely rich palette of tools. They paint, repaint, sculpt, work on texture, set the light, change the light, give more transparency, add some thoughtful details – a piece of decor, or perhaps, make the dark green velvet of the sofa look aged for more chic. They change the background sometimes, or just give it a little tweaking… Upon which, you get a true advertising chef-d’oeuvre that brings new clients.

And once you have a 3D model made, you can use it as many times as you like afterwards – for new marketing campaigns. This very model can be featured in your brand-new propped, isolated and lifestyle images, whether produced for print or digital use. Quite an asset, isn’t it?

5. Interactive 3D Product Catalogs

Another benefit of product 3D rendering is animation. Imagine that instead of seeing a picture, your client will witness multiple stylistic variations or will be able to mix and match elements of the design. That would definitely impress even the most skeptical customers!

More information about the rendering process and examples of finished projects are available on our website. Arc Studio frequently works with architects, engineers and other professionals, creating 3D renderings that have a strong positive impact in marketing products and raising the professional profile of our clients. New examples of completed work are regularly added to our online portfolio; please provide your email address to be kept up to date with the latest news and get access to more information.